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~ Surfers Sharing ~

           The following includes three pieces of poetry written by two of our youngest and one of our eldest surfers, all of whom have completed at least one of our Surfing The Creative© summer camps. We cherish the raw brilliant energy of our youth and the simple still infusion of light streaming through one of our elders.

Tom HastTom Hast came dancing into our community this year after decades of serving children and the arts across the nation. Modeling the integrity of a life long learner, he showed up with beginner's mind allowing his wisdom to be tempered by the power of the dance and the spirit of youth in action. Without prompting, Tom simply stepped into reality with us all. He housed youth, helped them address their struggles with practical world issues, and mentored many as they grounded their initiatives for the world. All the while, Tom continued to dive into his own heart and body, allowing his creative fire to re-ignite. We are honored to have your attuned leadership now standing in the center of our dancing tribe, Tom. Welcome.


The still point
Where heaven and earth make love
Not only with passion
But also with commitment.
From this dot in space
Everything arises.
Everything is nothing.
Nothing is everything.
This life
This life
So ordinary.


Darius SmilingDarius Simpson's bright light shines through his ear-to-ear smile, his dedication to serving inner city youth in Cleveland, Ohio through My Brothers, My Sisters, and through his wild creative spirit. He spins poetry like few others, slaying the sword of truth through his words, his deeds, and righteous ways of being in life. We have all grown from this young man's 17 year old piercing discernment, playful abandon, and sweet heart. Check it out ~ Darius, who is soon to publish a book of his good works.


HEY LET'S GET AWAY...lets get a room on the other side of LOVE ... wear fitted emotional gloves to keep our hands clean of being contaminated with things that seem keep our arms elbow deep with stress ... undress to symphonies of crickets as the otherwise annoying sound of their chirps caress your right and left eardrums simultaneously thumping to OUR heartbeats ... LET'S MEET IN UNCONSCIOUSNESS fall asleep on the phone and never wake up ... LET'S TIP TOE into eternity, we'll slip into HIGHER LIVING giving us a chance to dance better than the best, I'll grip your hand as we take a trip that you'll never forget just forget about everything else...IT'S ME AND YOU AGAINST THE WORLD!!!

HEY LET'S GET AWAY, let's get an apartment on the outskirts of heaven, benevolent abundance of ecstasy, you next to me, we'll be on top of the world, right around the corner from God.

HEY LET'S GET AWAY, lets build an igloo on Pluto, sculpt snowmen out of ice scream as the other planets watch in envy, our love will keep us warm, we don't need the sun's light, we'll never fight in this forever night type of galactic rare sight, I'll even bring a fishing pole to throw a lifeline out to anyone foolish enough to join us, because we both know only fools fall this deep in love

LET'S GO TANNING, in the middle of a volcano, until we turn completely black so that the fact that our skin tones don't match won't catch so much attention, don't sweat the heat when our lips meet I promise you give me hot flashes in the coolest way, maybe its because you've partly turned your heart cold, hold my hand and I'll land your heart temp. right back to where it should be, you'll know how warm chills feel, I'll show you that you don't have to be an astronaut to make frequent trips to the moon.

LET'S SKIP ROCKS, in the middle of the ocean with no boat though the lumps I get in my throat when you approach have no buoyancy I'm sure our love will keep us afloat, we can hopscotch and pop lock as your biological clock tick tocks but we mock it because when we're ready no matter your age God will unlock your eggs and allow them to be introduced to a slew of small soldiers, there'll be no need to Save OurSelves, never thinking about sinking because our relationship is deeper than that, bring only an open mind and instinct, we'll be over plenty of water but no drinking because we're so linked I get full off of drinking in your essence..

LET'S PLAY HIDE AND SEEK, with the constellations, we'll jump rope with Orion's belt then poach Leo turning his fur coat into felt, we'll melt down Scorpio's outer shell into liquid anti-venom for anyone infected with ignorance and inability to love, a deadly combination, we'll make up secret handshakes with Cancer the crab, GRAB each separate Gemini and show them how important they are to each other, we'll cause such a commotion up there that Libra will fall off balance, we'll make virgo want to be a whore just to explore the feeling, she'll implore us to open the door to sexuality simply due to the convection of perception, we'll neglect their cosmic agreement to stand still in the sky only to be prospected by mankind, we'll play darts with Sagittarius' arrows, we'll introduce pisces to aquarius so he'll no longer float constantly choking on air in despair with no water to spare his life..

LET'S GET A SUITE, on the other side of the galaxy, we'll salsa dance on mars and take cat naps wrapped up in asteroid belts, play tag on the tops of mountains, they say once you're that high all you can do is fall but we could still crawl higher like the Olympians, though some may try to make us stay in one space and play the role that they think kids our age should portray we'll lay up fast forwarding across the sky as they live in pause.

LET'S RUN AWAY TO JAMAICA, a safe escape from the day to day love HATE energy from the mothers we're forced to conversate with, a break from duct tape restrictions and being made to stay home without a great reason, I'M tired I wanna relax on the backs of turtles, max out in coconut trees and wear silk draws to MAXimize the feel of the breeze between my knees we'll just be EASY!...

LET'S LIVE IN THE GREY AREA FUCK THIS RAINBOW of a world, we'll complacently sit back in perfect bliss and watch as the rest of the world tries to fit in to one of the colors of the spectrum...we make our own destiny..we can never be projected across the earth with a little rain and sunshine all we need is that thin line between love and hate to be erased because we've created a new type of relationship with a safe mixture of both, let me explain I love to hate you because when we make up I take a dive deeper in love with you, I hate to love you because breakin up always seems like the right thing to do I mean why do we deserve to be this happy together?

LET'S HULA HOOP, with the rings of Saturn, LET'S bungee jump from the sun to earth and defy the laws of gravity, with ease tease everyone begging us to please stay in one place and turn their skeptical pupils into pupils and teach them how to see love from our point of view, so they too can do anything their hearts desire,
You make me feel higher than I can even express through metaphors, trust me this must be because we are meant to be together, we may fuss over lust but we soon subtract that negative from our emotional equation leaving the remainder of our lives positive, JUST Me times You producing US with the entire galaxy to ourselves, cupid clearly gave us an overdose of the venom enclosed in the tips of his arrows, he's got me trippin over you like a pigeon toed pimp, I've swallowed my pride in an attempt to try and get you to skip with me hand in hand to a land that man can only grip with its imagination, I've been picked to have my body mixed with the experimental virus LUV, but never have I been so happy to be sick, even death won't separate us, we'll sing sweet melodies side by side in heaven, we'll coincide with an incline to always wind down even when our minds find it easiest to race, I find myself often awaiting death to so I can begin again at the starting line and find you once more and see if it feels the same to fall in love with you in another lifetime....

LET'S JUST CHILL on the couch rest your head on my chest invest our time in a low pressure environment, dream of all the things we could do if we could actually turn our feelings for each other into gravity defying stunts and impossible feats, though we can meet in our dreams it seems going to space is illogical, we'll probably stay grounded with this feeling of superiority to other people, the closest thing I'll get to playing with constellations are the stars in your eyes, Jamaica may take some time but I'll settle for getting a contact high from your presence. Keep your head to the sky when we're not together and I promise you that I will try to make a deal with the clouds to spell out I love you, but lets be realistic I'm only human.


Emily BedalEmily Bedal, a Surfing The Creative© graduate, wrote the following song after a dance one day. Emily is gifted in her capacity to allow her rich inner landscape to pour through many different mediums of expression, including dance, song, paint, and film. Everything she touches becomes a work of art. In fact, Emily is just discovering that her ultimate creative project, herself, is a true work of art. Look for more on her in the SomaSource® in the World section of our newsletter. For now, please drink in Emily's musical poetry, on YouTube and in written word.

Lies We Hide Behind©

try to find you in my mind's eye
gotta show myself some fucking respect
i'm doubled up on the inside
while my posture remains calm and erect
oh what a lie
oh what a lie
i hide behind

the world around me is spinning
my tolerance for dishonesty
is slowly thinning
so i ask myself for truth
do i really need you
do i really need you
or is it just a lie
a lie i hide behind?

well truth
she spoke
truth she broke my heart wide open
truth she hit me
like a wall
she said,
the lies,
the lies you hide behind

and i rattle deep in my bones
for a man my heart
desires to know
a man i want to set free
a man who can be so alive
he'll scream
at the lies
the lies he hides behind
the lies oh the lies
he hides behind

so i ache
telling you to take it all
so i ache knowing, these walls they all must fall

so i ache, wanting to hold you in my arms
there we'll be safe from harm
from the lies
we hide behind
from the lies
we hide behind

i danced today till i broke
i danced today till my soul awoke again
i danced today for you
i danced today for truth
i let go of the lie
the lie i hide behind
oh the lies , the lies we hide behind.


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